Mutton certainly deserves a comeback on menus both at home and in the restaurants. When properly hung, mutton has a fuller, meatier flavour than lamb, with a firmer texture.

Half Leg - ideal for smaller households - roast, pot-roast, braise or poach. Mutton is the joint to choose for classic French country dishes.

Half Shoulder - perfect for smaller households. Braise, pot-roast or casserole. We carefully trim all our mutton so it cooks superbly.

4 x 250g (8oz) Loin Chops - a very economical chop and great for grilling, barbecuing or using in braises and casseroles.

500g Minced Mutton - for kofte, meatballs and other Middle Eastern and Indian dishes.

One medium (approx 700g) French trim rack. From the upper ribs and also known as the Best End of Neck. A perfect two person roast, taking little time to cook. We have removed the chine bone at the base of the ribs to make carving easier and finished it in the elegant French style.

Mutton Hamper

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